Sunday, February 18, 2007

Just give me one childhood memory I don't need to repress.

Okay, we've talked about it forever, now here it is a place for us "Cooper" sisters to share our creative endeavers. I suppose introductions are in order: I'm Nicole (Nicki to my sisters). I married a (wonderful) American and am the only one in the family who lives in the States. I have five kids; Katie age 11, Max age 9, Lucybelle age 7, Luke age 5, and Miles age 20 months. I have a bachelors degree in Interior design but I'm a SAHM right now. My hubby of 13 years is a Police Planner. We take dance classes once a week and he always takes out the garbage. I love scrapbooking and most other crafts and spend any time I'm not doing SAHM stuff (and some I should be doing...) on messy projects usually including glue and paint. If I didn't love beautiful interiors so much I'd probably never do housework! Well that's me.

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