Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hi, I'm Nyla the youngest of the three of us. Actually there are six girls and four boys altogether, but its the three oldest, who have flown the Cooper nest, that are doing this blog. I'm not actually writing this because I'm in Hawaii for the next two weeks so my sister is going to introduce me and post a picture I'll really hate. I married my high school sweetheart nine years ago and we have three children; Ben 10yrs (don't do the math here), Madison 8yrs and Caleb 4yrs. I am a caregiver in a group home for physically disabled. I love to workout, scrapbook and stamp, and even though my husband the tech support guru for a major tire company and I have every computer device and super speed internet possible, I rarely get online or check my email (I'm not writing this, remember). My biggest phobia is that I will get fat, tired, and/or boring (no offense to anyone who willingly fits in any of those categories). Oh and I turn 30 in three weeks!

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Ande said...

Okay, that is frigging hilarious! I spewed diet coke all over my screen! I have six sisters, and not *one* of them would be trusted to do this for me! LOL