Monday, February 19, 2007

Introducing... the one, the only, ta DAAAAAA....

I'm Nancy, though most people I know well call me "Nan", a nickname my DH gave me when I was 14 and it just stuck. I am a SAHM of 4 fantastic kids, 3 boys and a "diva". I married my childhood sweetheart, my "one true love", and am enjoying living "happily ever after" in southern Ontario.
My passions are scrapbooking and cooking. I have a borderline obsessive love of paper and all things artsy, I've taught classes in scrapbooking, cardmaking, polymer clay, painting, and a handful of other crafty pusuits. I'm a gourmet chef wannabe, and I have a weakness for reality TV.
I've been meaning to get into the BLOG world for ages so I can share the monotonous and occasionally interesting details of my life with my family and friends, most of who live hundreds of miles away, and of course, any complete strangers who may come across this blog and find it of interest, Hey!!! Welcome to the insanity that is US.
I must of course add a disclaimer: We do not directly or indirectly blame any or all emotional baggage and residual trauma apparent in future or present posts on our childhood experiences, or our family who may have contributed to them, they already know it's all their fault we're crazy. (yeah mom, I mean that as a joke, really. Love ya! ;oD)

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