Sunday, April 22, 2007

Day 2, the Birthday Party

Saturday was Dad's 65th birthday party, the reason for my trip. I have to say, our stepmom Annette knows how to throw a party. We got there early, and hung out in the back yard until George came home from running errands. He was definitely surprised, even a little stunned to find us all there. It was so good to see him again, and everyone else too, and to sit and reminisce with the whole family about the "good old days" when we were kids. The cake was incredible, seriously one of the coolest cakes I've seen in person. The food was great, and enough to feed an army. Lots of salads, burgers, awesome ribs, fruit and veggie and cold cut trays, 20 kinds of cheese and a chocolate fountain. Annette and Michelle (at the bottom) did a fabulous job, so well organized. And special thanks to Annette for making this whole trip possible for me. I can't thank her enough, ths trip is something I really needed, and wanted to do for a long time, but I wouldn't have done it on my own.
By the time we got home we were all so tired half of us fell asleep on the couch watching Idiocracy. A total laugh out loud movie, I've got to see the rest of it, too funny.

So yeah, I'm famous.

After a frantic month of planning I'm finally here in B.C. and having a Fabulous time.
I flew in Friday, and I have to say, I felt like a total celebrity. I was able to arrange to sit with my little brother Matthew who happened to be flying in from Calgary on the same flight as me (total fluke, how cool is that?!) When we came down the ramp there was a crowd of 13 people, 7 of them with cameras in hand, waiting for us, all flashing pictures. On the way home we stopped at the Scrapbooking Swede (cool little store) where my sisters proceeded to show everybody my published work in some of the magazines they carry, propmting a request for autographs in several books. I was a little embarrassed by the attention, I'm kind of a low key girl, but it was pretty cool at the same time.

I will admit to shedding a couple tears as the plane took off in Hamilton, I really wish I could have brought Dave and the kids, it would have made the trip perfect. I miss them already. By the time I got to Calgary (where it was below zero and snowing!!!) I was starving, and had the best stuffed pizza EVER at this little place in the airport. I'm going to have to pick one uo on the way home too, YUM!
I had forgotten how beautiful this place is. I love how the highway goes right along the edge of the lake, with the gorgeous mountains in the background. I think I need to check out some local real estate while I'm here.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

To cut or not to cut?

Okay, I made the descsion weeks ago to cut my hair. I want to do it just above my shouders. The problem is I don't have a hairdresser. I had time today to do it but I have no idea who to go to. My husdand tried to talk me into great clips, but I'm too nervous to cut that much off at a place that specializes in speed and low price... I've had some really bad haircuts (many self inflicted) which may be why I only get my hair cut once a year, usually while I'm on vacation. I need advice, should I cut it at all?

Friday, April 6, 2007

Spring Break for Nicki's Family

We have had a great week! We got to ride horses with the cousins in Utah, celebrate Max's 10th birthday, spend a five days in San Diego, visit Sea World and Legoland, and go to the beach. Now I need to get home and work on Dad's birthday albumn!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Two Weeks, EEEK!!

I am so excited about my trip out west in a couple weeks, I can't believe it's coming up so fast!! I have a million things to do, Including a whole album to put together, but I had to take the time to something a little fun. I just got these new Scenic Route papers, and I am totally in love with them!!! I made these funky luggage tags for my big scrap bag to brighten it up.

So with my trip fast approaching I am anxiously (okay , impatiently) waiting for the arrival of a Bind-it-all machine I ordered last week. I called my Scrapbook store to see if it was in yet, and not only does she remember my name, but she recognized my voice on the phone!! I think maybe I spend a little too much time (okay AND money) there. Well, 14 more sleeps, I better get to work!!