Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Its been awhile..

So the reason for my lack of posting just threw the biggest fit ever and is now sobbing over his lunch. It must be hard to be two.

Well the trip with Nancy has been over for a while now but it was soooooooo fun! We wanted to thank the Scrapbooking Swede for the best scrapbooking store on the planet and how sweet she was to us. Seriously for selection and price I honestly have not been in a better store. Her online store can be found at . Nancy also wants to list her as a sponser for her Canada's Crop For Kids class as she very graciously donated all the chipboard for the minialbums.

Another fun thing (I say that slighly tongue in cheek) we did was take a picture of all ten of us kids and Mom. With just a bit of photoshoping it looks awesome and I printed you out an 8x10 Mom.

Nyla called me today and she might be coming this weekend woo hoo!


Nicole Lund said...

Did anyone else notice the amount of clevage in this picture? ;)

Canadian Girl said...

Great family pic! I cannot believe your mother gave birth to that many children....some must have walked out on their own.....kudos to her! And yes, she does look fabulous!!!!!