Monday, May 21, 2007

Happy Victoria Day to the Canadian's

Nyla came to visit with her three kids. My kids were in cousin heaven! The boys played video games until they coouldn't see straight (a huge treat for them since they are severely limited most of the time). The girls got to shop with us and got new idogs and idog clothes (found at the amazing price of $9.99) then spent the rest of the weekend "training" them and treating us all to hillary duff and the High School Musical Sound track. Nyla got a road bike (the purpose of the trip) and we went for an amazing ride on Saturday. (She is soooooo going to kick my butt in that triathlon later this summer). I finally got her to come to my LSS this trip. THAT was fun! We are both loving the Tres Jolie line form MME, soooo pretty. (Plus she bought so much stuff she filled up my punch card! )
A very fun weekend for me!

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jenn said...

thanks :) and Happy Memorial day to you guys ;)