Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Saturday from H-E double hockey sticks.

Well that was a stressful weekend, I'm glad it's over. I got home from graveyard shift Saturday morning and I was so looking forward to crawling into bed, since Brett was home and the kids didn't need to go anywhere. Instead I found my four year old bawling because he was so sick. His chest was so tight and wheezy that he was having trouble breathing and he had a fever. My first thought -Now what do we do about Ben's wind up party for hockey???- So anyway I gave Caleb some Tylenol and a decongestant and tried to make him comfortable. Nothing seemed to ease the tightness in his chest so by nine am I was starting to get a little worried. I took him to the walk in clinic and the doctor said that Caleb's cold was causing him to have asthma, so he gave me a perscription for an inhaler an told me to give him some more tylenol cause his fever was still quite high. The inhaler helped minimally but at least he could breathe. I gave him some advil since I had already given him some tylenol. He seemed to be doing okay after this so we decided to get Grandma and Grandpa to take Madison and Caleb and Just Brett Ben and I would go to the party. I stayed home with madison and Caleb While Brett took Ben To do the laser tag part of the party then the three of us went to the pot luck. Before I droped The two little one off at Grandma's I gave Caleb a dose of decogestant and a dose of Tylenol. he seemed to be okay he was up and playing when i left (he sat on the couch all day) so Off we went. About an hour later Grandma phoned and said she was worried that maybe he needed to see the doctor as he was having trouble breathing again. I knew he had to be pretty bad for grandma to call us so I left Ben and Brett at the party and I went and got Caleb and took him up to the hospital. They gave him another dose of tylenol when we got there as his fever was still 40. Then they did a chest x-ray which thankfully came back clear. They gave him ventelyn in the little dinosaur mask which really helped and he was able to breathe better but he still had a fever of 39.6 so they gave him another dose of Tylenol at about 9:30. That made three doses of Tylenol in about 4 hours and still had a fever??? Which still hadn't come down by 10:30 so they finally gave him som ibuprofin which brought the fever down right away. Thank goodness. Mental note to self, Don't give Caleb Tylenol For fever. It dosen't work. We finally got home at about midnight. By then I was completely exausted since I hadn't slept all day after graveyard shift. I think I was asleep almost before my head hit the pillow.

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