Thursday, June 28, 2007


I should be doing housework right now. But I also should update here more often. I should be putting the final coat of mud on the walls of our last unfinished basement room. I should shoot hoops with my son. I should tidy my scraproom, I should refinish and tile the top of the patio set I got at a yard sale last weekend, I should make some healthy snacks for my kids, I should make sure everything is in order for Katie's play tonight. I should go to the gym or for a bike ride or for a run.

Aaaah.... don't you just love summer?

the picture is my $10 table "before" Now I have to do an "after"!


Nat said...

LOL - I know the "should" situation. You table is such a cool buy!

Jen S said...

The table ROCKS!! I think summers are meant for possibilities. Have fun with your project! The cleaning will wait another day - just don't invite any company over! :P